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Written by Deepthi


The dear, unknown stranger.
Arrives as suddenly as the summer night rain.

And when the rain ends… what is left?




A silent birdsong.
Even more lush trees in the backyard.

Eternity wrapped in the moment.



Everything we had to say, was said.

There’s only Love, surrounding without form.
Veils, scattered in front of the great Eternity.

Everything is so bright and clear.

I am here, and you are in me.
Like it has always been.

And always will.”


Written by Deepthi

“Once a upon a time there was a boy and there was a girl. Living life on the opposite sides of the world, having the same dream.
They were laying on the backseat of their parent’s cars, looking outside the window and starring at the same starry night while driving back home.
Wondering what it would be like to have wings to fly through the stars and the universe, to the other side of the galaxy.

Where is the end? Is there an end?

There was a time when the stars were their home. There was a time when they knew there is somebody listening,
somebody who feels the same love, the same longing.
To be One with everything.

What if miracles are possible? What if
dreams do come true?”


Written by Deepthi

“When you come closer
I can feel you
There is nothing between us
just Love
and eternal moment that lasts forever

Sometimes I think
you are just a dream
Sometimes I’m afraid
afraid of your Light, your power

But then you come again
even more closer

And all of a sudden I’m in your arms again
In eternity

You see my Light
and I finally see yours
And we are One
Forever and forever

Time is just an illusion
And our Love
our Love is beyond everything

My love
Can you hear me now?
I call you
Please, come

“Be the Light you are”
you said

I Am

In You”



Written by Deepthi

“I felt you here
before you were near
I was wind in your hair
the joy and the care
you shared from your heart

The time disappears
and there are no fears
When you walk beside me
you will see

Be the light you are
you had the wings to fly this far
So don’t hesitate
you have the faith
Just breath

Be the light you are
I will show you the way
and wipe away your tears

I’ve heard your cry
I’ve seen your smile
I know you’ve been thinking
there’s nothing worth living
in those blue nights

If you could only know
what I’ve been shown
There’s the most beautiful light
you don’t have to fight
Just be

I’m everywhere you go
and all of me
is just a reflection
of your own being

Open your heart
don’t be afraid

And like the sun is raising
every morning
you will always count on
hear me calling
you are free

To be the light you are…”

All words © Deepthi