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Shawn Reeder



COMING MAY 12-18 2016

(Held in Finnish)


“Be Soft as a Flower
Hard as a Diamon”
– Amma


Angel Goddess Retreats are a sacred offering for modern women to step into their own journey of Empowerment and Love. Angel Goddess Retreats help women to celebrate their own sacred femininity, precious body, sexuality, intuition, sensitivity and power, and to be our authentic selves by living from the Heart. In our retreats we remember again how it feels to laugh freely, be open and creative, enjoy life, and have passion and love towards ourselves and life. We learn to Live again!

Angel Goddess Retreats are a unique and transforming journey into our heart and being, inspired and guided by the Divine Mother and Her Angels. In our retreats we have a beautiful opportunity to connect with same hearted women and really be heard and seen as we are. We will receive spiritual tools that help us to be connected with our heart, mind and body in very powerful ways.


“There’s nothing more powerful 
than a woman’s prayer.” 
– Yogi Bhajan



Angel Goddess Retreats offer a safe and loving space for everyone to connect with their inner Angel Goddess, who have been waiting for our calling out and yearning for Her. Our inner, loving Angel Goddess is helping us to speak and live our highest truth, disconnect from our negative beliefs and patterns, embrace both our light and shadow sides, stand in our own power and understand that we are Creatresses of our own lives. When we step out from our roles of “martyr”, “victim” and “nice girl”, we are liberated to be ourselves. As an Angel Goddess we take a responsibility for our own lives and actions, and are free to enjoy our lives with open hearts!


Angel Goddess Retreat Program:

~ Guided Meditations
~ Inspiring, uplifting and liberating lectures and workshops about sacred femininity, sexuality, intuition, creativity, inner strength and power, sensitivity, angels and much more
~ Energy Practices
~ Dancing, Creating and Manifesting
~ Conversations, Sharing and Caring
~ Personal Angel Goddess Reading
~ Empowering Angel Goddess Portrait
~ Angel Goddess Blessing Ceremony
~ Special Programs and Local Quests
~ Free Time, Resting and Relaxing
~ Delicious Vegetarian Food
~ Music and Mantras
… And lots of laughter, joy and light! 


Group Size:
~ 9-12 person


~ A Week




ღ Praises 


“I feel so privileged. This retreat opened so many “sleeping” parts in my life. Realizations, miracles, love, gratitude, joy,
laughter and tools for walking my own path. And sexuality can exist in single woman’s life as well, that’s just fabulous!
And not even mention about all the lovely people I got to meet, so open, loving and accepting people!
 My heart is over flowing for this feeling I got to experience, and I can feel it again right away if I read your blog or my own notes from the retreat. Owning my power, letting go, forgiving, all the wisdom that it’s all inside of me… Gratitude, love, abundance, felinity, sexuality, meditation, altar…
Oh, how much I got to receive during this retreat! Thank You for this amazing retreat!
ღ ღ ღ
“Deepthi you have an amazing gift to give attention for everyone as their individual “love souls”. And what I really love the most is your over flowing joy of life and gratitude. And your ability to be so emphatic when people open their whole heart, by crying or laughing. Often it requires strong courage to bring ones wounds to the light. You are creating so safe atmosphere with angels for all the emotions to flow. And you speak about angels very clearly so that also those who are in the beginning of their path can also easily understand the things in a grass level.
I can’t exactly describe my own experiences about the retreat, it has been so huge and enchanting journey to myself. The greatest feelings are Love, love, love and Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude. The most touching moments were those, when one by one the light was touching us, and people suddenly started to open up to receive all the love, goodness, joy and abundance into their lives and see that they are worth it. 
The Facebook group that was born after the retreat has helped many of us to come back to our own lives.
Lots of Love Hugs and Angel’s praises: Thank you for existing and doing the Light Work in so many levels!” 


ღ ღ ღ

“This retreat was beyond amazing experience, it was so profound to meet same spirit people. And how easily we became a group and friends, it was really wonderful! The retreat was filled with powerful information, and afterwards I started to think if I should have had record the lectures, cause there was not so much time to write everything down. But as you said to us in some point, everything is already inside of us, and also it’s so easy to find information from the internet as well


ღ ღ ღ

“This retreat came to me in perfect timing. It was like a cross roads to me. It was so lovely to meet people, who are sharing the same mind set about life, and also that we get to share things so openly. I remembered who important it is to share things, and not just to keep them inside of myself and then feel lost. I also got more courage to be a woman again. It was so amazing to also talk about sex, cause if I just think about 3 months back, I would have never ever talked about it out loud. It was so delightful to notice my own development as well.

Many “umbilical cords” are now cut towards so many directions, and I have been able to set my own limits, so that no one is taking me granted anymore. It’s also so important to learn to know your own energy and how to shelter it. The gratitude, warmth and love that we shared felt so precious and rare, especially when we didn’t know each other at all at first. I learned to trust myself and my path of heart. This is my way.

I’ve also made the prayers we learned in the retreat every night, and I haven’t been worrying about my money issues anymore.
I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to meet so many amazing human angels, and I’m so happy I got to meet you.”
ღ ღ ღ



“Oh my God what this retreat did to me!! I started to follow my heart and now I’m living a totally new life and feel myself freer and happier than never ever before in my life! The break up from my unsatisfying relationship and now a new home and a life with totally new energies!
Even my children are looking so happy and peaceful now, it’s unbelievable to see how the change is so visible in them: “when mother is happy, the whole family is happy”. I’m so grateful that I got to attend to this retreat, I would have never thought that I could receive this much strength to work through my life changes. Thank you!  




Images by Shawn Reeder